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Your Speaker’s Video….SIZZLE? or FIZZLE?

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Whether you intend to take advantage of video footage to get meeting planners to notice you, expand your reach, or improve your SEO, educate, inspire, or send a message to your target audience, how you show up will support your on camera SIZZLE, or…. FIZZLE!  The following 10 tips will help to ensure your success:-       1)  Ladies, don’t film without makeup unless your target audience expects and accepts it. In fact, it is a...
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Concluding Your Talk

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Taking the Stage? Craft a Compelling Conclusion! Recently, I have seen some highly-credentialed and competent business speakers, with great topics, who were well prepared. However, I was disappointed in their presentation wrap-up. They actually had no wrap-up. Tossing off a quick “my-time-is-up- thank-you-for-having-me” to the audience, is not the best way to leave your audiences wanting more of you, wishing to hire you or motivated to buy your products or services. Here are 10 quick…

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Quick, Quirky Cross-Cultural Tips

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If you are a business executive who loves to know or learn facts that you file away for future information, then this article may appeal to you. It contains interesting cultural particulars that I have learned while living, working and traveling outside of the United States. In East Asian board rooms over new business discussions, executives will arrange the business cards of the participants in the order that they are seated around the table so…

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Dining out Overseas

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When dining out overseas, table manners are especially important in how well you will be received in business and personal circles. Knowing your etiquette relative to mealtimes and how to conduct yourself could mean the difference between creating a meaningful, lasting impression, or alienating your foreign client or colleague with your In many countries business is not discussed over a meal. Perhaps before and afterward, but attention will be paid to the food at hand…

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Presenting Overseas? Watch your P’s, Q’s and Hand Gestures

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Here are five basic tips to get you started and to ensure that you are well received and welcomed back: 1) Refrain from making typical American gestures anywhere while traveling. The OK sign, the index finger and thumb forming a circle, is an obscene gesture in Brazil, impolite in Greece and in many areas of Russia. In Japan it means money and in France, zero or valueless. The V for victory sign, (palm pointing away…

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Speakers! The Lectern Is Not Your friend!

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Many people use the words lectern and podium interchangeably. There actually is a difference. A lectern is most commonly defined as a slanted stand that serves as a support for a speaker’s notes. It often has a microphone and a light attached. A podium is an elevated platform, as for an orchestra conductor or public speaker. However, because a podium is often requested when someone means lectern, it has become a practice in America, especially, to…

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Attention Executive Women: Public Speaking Tips

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5 Quick Tips for Executive Women When Speaking in Public Do stand with two feet on the ground. Move with purpose and to shift energy. To present yourself powerfully, don’t wrap your legs around each other, cock a hip, or fold your arms at your waist. Ensure that your facial expressions, body language and gestures relate to, and enhance your verbal message. When you increase the volume of your voice, don’t raise the pitch. If…

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