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Presenting Overseas? Watch your P’s, Q’s and Hand Gestures

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Here are five basic tips to get you started and to ensure that you are well received and welcomed back: 1) Refrain from making typical American gestures anywhere while traveling. The OK sign, the index finger and thumb forming a circle, is an obscene gesture in Brazil, impolite in Greece and in many areas of Russia. In Japan it means money and in France, zero or valueless. The V for victory sign, (palm pointing away…

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Attention Executive Women: Public Speaking Tips

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5 Quick Tips for Executive Women When Speaking in Public Do stand with two feet on the ground. Move with purpose and to shift energy. To present yourself powerfully, don’t wrap your legs around each other, cock a hip, or fold your arms at your waist. Ensure that your facial expressions, body language and gestures relate to, and enhance your verbal message. When you increase the volume of your voice, don’t raise the pitch. If…

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