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Dining out Overseas

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When dining out overseas, table manners are especially important in how well you will be received in business and personal circles. Knowing your etiquette relative to mealtimes and how to conduct yourself could mean the difference between creating a meaningful, lasting impression, or alienating your foreign client or colleague with your In many countries business is not discussed over a meal. Perhaps before and afterward, but attention will be paid to the food at hand…

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Greetings & Introductions in Germany:

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Formality is the key. Do not use first names unless invited to do so. When you introduce your self, –Karen Williams, you will be called Frau Williams (or they may just Americanize it to make you feel comfortable). People will introduce themselves to you, just using their last names. So you may shake hands with a man who says “Schmidt”, with a brief nod. You would address him as Herr Schmidt. This will occur even…

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