Whether you intend to take advantage of video footage to get meeting planners to notice you, expand your reach, or improve your SEO, educate, inspire, or send a message to your target audience, how you show up will support your on camera SIZZLE, or…. FIZZLE! 

The following 10 tips will help to ensure your success:-      

1)  Ladies, don’t film without makeup unless your target audience expects and accepts it. In fact, it is a good idea to wear a little more makeup than usual, especially to accentuate your eyes and mouth.

Use a good concealer, if needed, so that your eyes don’t have bags or shadows under them.

Men and women, don’t forget to use face powder to prevent shine and avoid that greasy on-camera look!

2)  Consider wearing a solid color when filming. Avoid black, white and busy prints or patterns. Floral prints are fine for women. Dress in light colors against a darker background or dark colors against a light background.   For the ladies, certain shades of aqua, coral, peach are flattering and work well for most complexions and hair colors. Most importantly, feel great in what you are wearing, as that will come through to your viewing audience and give you a confidence boost.

3)  Wear jewelry that doesn’t jingle jangle when you are moving or gesturing. The microphone picks up the slightest tinkle of earrings or bracelets.

4)  Choose a neutral backdrop/background for yourself when filming.

5)  Ensure that your lighting is appropriate and doesn’t cast unflattering shadows.

6)  Use an excellent microphone.

7)  Avoid distracting backgrounds and noises. If filming in your home office, be cautious of distracting background noises: — a barking dog, lawn mowers, finger tapping, fiddling with a pen or shuffling papers.

If using a meeting room, advise the staff that you need quiet surroundings for filming. Post a notice on your door asking for “Quiet”.

8)  Keep pets and children out of the room. There was a video making the rounds last year where a gentleman was being interviewed live on BBC about the serious situation in North Korea when his two young children came bouncing and wheeling into the room. His wife bustled in the room to take them out, attempting unsuccessfully to duck under the webcam.  After she successfully ejected them you could hear them crying their protest through the closed door. It was widely shared and very funny but embarrassing for the interviewee-expert who was covering a serious topic.

9)  If you are filming using PowerPoint, remember that the slides don’t show up well on video. Make sure that you don’t make the rookie mistake of looking behind you at the screen or walking in front of the projector.

10)  Keep your energy high. Beforehand, prepare with your favorite ritual, listen to your energizing song, speak your affirmations and do your visualization. This will significantly increase your energy and sets you up for success.


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