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Note: in some instances, only part of the question is incorrect!

1. In Brazil, the classic American OK sign, – thumb and forefinger forming a circle, is an obscene gesture.

2. In East Asia, it is acceptable to stick your chopsticks into your rice bowl, when they are not in use.

3. In Sri Lanka, nodding the head up and down means “no” and shaking from side to side means “yes”.

4. When a Japanese laughs, it may mean shock, grief, embarrassment or confusion.

5. In Hong Kong, it is perfectly acceptable to put bones or other rejects from your meal on the table, even when there is a tablecloth.

6. In Thailand, it is considered taboo and insulting to touch a child’s head.

7. Germans whistle to convey approval, like Americans do.

8. When leaving a home in Malaysia, it is considered impolite if you say, “Goodbye”.

9. In France, a firm, pumping handshake is considered proper and polite.

10. When dining in an Arab home, it is polite to decline an offer of anything until at least the second or third time it is offered.

11. In South Africa, when someone says, “I will see you just now,” it means “I will be right with you”.

12. In Australia, or Indonesia, using a curling index finger to beckon a person is acceptable.

13. In the U.K. and France, it is customary to eat sandwiches with a knife and fork.

14. When sending a team to China, for initial negotiations, you would send middle management of a mature age.

15. In Latin America, what you know is more important than who you know.

16. In Korea, if the business meeting has gone well, the bow at the end will be shorter than the entry bow.

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